K+LAB - Footwerk 8 Year Bash [Footwerk - Fri Sep 29 - Kelowna]
We're turning 8 and we're excited to celebrate with you! K+Lab joins us with his block-rockin-hip-hop, skull shaking basslines, and soul stirring funk to Sapphire. [Footwerk - Fri Sep 29 - Kelowna]

FOOTWERK SPOOK! - SkiiTour, DJ Praiz, Skuzz, JGirl & Manousos [Fri Oct 20 - Kelowna]
Get SPOOKED with the Footwerk fam and SKIITOUR & friends. This is an early Halloween affair. [Fri Oct 20 Sapphire]

Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC [Footwerk - Fri Nov 10 - Kelowna]
Krafty Kuts is the undisputed king of breaks. Dynamite MC joins him so let’s welcome them back to Kelowna! [Footwerk - Fri Nov 10 - Kelowna]

Dimond Saints & Skuzz Sound [Footwerk - Fri Dec 1 - Kelowna]
Oakland-based duo Dimond Saints return to Kelowna with their explosive and soulful live show at Sapphire. Local rising star Skuzz on the bill. [Footwerk - Fri Dec 1 - Kelowna]